About Lindsey


Lindsey was born and raised in beautiful Summerland B.C.  Upon graduating from Simon Fraser University with a BA in Dance in 1987, Lindsey began choreographing and teaching classical and contemporary dance in Vancouver B.C. and Fredericton N.B. Her work and studies across the disciplines of dance and rehabilitative movement resulted in numerous fitness and Pilates certifications, and in 2008 Lindsey was appointed Teacher Trainer for Pilates PhyscialMind Canada, Atlantic region.

As an accomplished movement specialist with over 30 years of experience, Lindsey has a deep understanding of the relationship between movement and health, as well as a strong affinity for the healing arts. Through her work as Reiki Master Healer, Intuitive, Advanced Zone Technique and ARC Practitioner, Lindsey is highly regarded for her ability to help clients heal from some of the most challenging health conditions.

Education, Certifications/Training

BA (Dance) Simon Fraser University B.C.

Reiki Master Healer, Usui Tradition

The Zone Technique Advanced Certified Practitioner *

ARC Practitioner **

The VOILA Method – Structural Joint Balancing


  • PhysicalMind Institute NY (The Method Pilates® – Comprehensive Certification)
  • Pilates PhysicalMind Institute Canada (Teacher Trainer 2008-2020)
  • Body Harmonics® Pilates, Toronto ON (Comprehensive Certification)

Yamuna Body Rolling Certifications

  • Yamuna® Body Rolling Levels 1 and 2
  • Yamuna® Foot Fitness
  • Yamuna® Table Treatment (manual therapy)

Neurokinetic Therapy® Levels 1 and 2

YMCA Certified Group Fitness and Resistance Training Instructor

Studied Exercise Physiology, The University of New Brunswick


Active Isolated Stretching Level 1

* The Zone Technique is a mind/body healing modality based on the teachings of Dr. Thurman Fleet (1895-1983)

**ARC is a method of creating health through identifying and releasing limiting concepts and negative emotions in the subconscious mind.

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