Special Workshops

Love My Low Back Workshop 

This informative and practical workshop will help you identify and address any physical habits, common thought patterns, or beliefs that have prevented you from moving well. Anyone who has suffered from pain, discomfort, or restricted movement in any area of their body will benefit from this workshop. After the workshop, attendees receive a video of the exercises to support their home practice. 

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding basic core anatomy
  • Efficient methods for creating a strong and functional core
  • Improving body awareness
  • How to create and maintain dynamic support throughout your entire body. 
  • How thought patterns and beliefs impede our ability to move with efficiency, ease, and power.

The aim of this workshop is to instil a better understanding how breathing well, moving well, and thinking well translates to reducing restrictions and pain, and in turn, facilitating strong, fluid movement.

Workshop Date and Location TBA

Dancing the Story

dancing the story.jpg

 Creativity, expressivity, movement, and dance can inspire us, help us discover more about ourselves, and provide an opportunity to heal. 

Our memories are simply stories created by the mind. By changing our stories, we can shift our perspective, uplift ourselves and, transform our lives.

Dancing the Story is a combination online and in-person workshop in which you will be guided through the process of recreating a personal life story in images, which will later be transformed into an original dance piece. This intention of this workshop is to allow a safe place to rewrite your story, and bring about healing. Open to both dancers and non dancers, no previous dance or art experience is needed.

The Details

Online Class: 45 minutes 

This will be an interactive process where you will be guided through a variety of creative exercises designed to help you identify, recreate, and visually represent your story. These images will be the material you will use in the dance workshop to create, and dance your unique and personal piece of choreography.

Dance Workshop: 2 hour class 

The first part of the workshop will consist of an integrated full body warm up and expressive movement exercises. The balance of time will be spent learning the basics of dance composition and choreography, and developing your visual story images into a unique and original dance piece.

Cost: $45.00

Materials: A large sketch book and coloured pens or markers will be required. We will be using the free Zoom online interactive platform that you can easily download to your computer, smart phone, or tablet. https://www.zoom.us/signup

Dates: and Location: TBA

For more information email Lindsey at  centrework.net@gmail.com



Workshop Presenter
Lindsey Laidlaw holds a BA in Dance, is a Teacher Trainer for Pilates PhysicalMind Institute Canada, a Reiki Master, and is also certified in Zone Therapy, a healing modality based on the original work of Dr. Thurman Fleet (1895-1983).
A movement specialist with over 30 years of experience, Lindsey has worked with individuals of all ages and abilities through the disciplines of dance, Pilates, and energy healing. She has numerous solo and group choreographic works to her credit, is a recipient of Arts NB Creation and Travel Grants (Dance), and has attended teacher training seminars at the highly acclaimed National Ballet of Canada.